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We are a licensed company with over 17 years of experience in the construction industry, our main goal is to exceed clients’ expectations by assuring high-quality and on time high-quality results.

Gerardo’s Construction INC. is the leading construction company in the area of North Edwards, CA.

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"I entrusted my project to Gerardo's Construction INC. and the results were outstanding. Not only did I save money because of their competitive prices, I also got a great professional service. If you what you want is professionalism and outstanding results. Now, every time I have a project, they are my one to go to. They are able to keep their quality up and their prices are fair. Gerardo's Construction INC. has my recommendation any time of the day"
Josh Brown
"I hired Gerardo's Construction INC. and their results were great, I would recommend their services anytime"
Aubey Smith
" I hired Gerardo's Construction INC. to work on my pool deck project and the results were outstanding. They kept great communication throughout the entire project and they are very respectful and professional. I recommend their services. "
Michelle P.